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From Numbers to Motion-Bridging Math Skills to Physics Readiness

Time limit: 365 days


Full course description

This is a highly interactive, self-paced, online learning experience designed to prepare you for success in your introductory physics course. Throughout this experience, you will be challenged to improve your problem-solving skills by determining the feasibility of authentic physical situations through your understanding and application of the underlying math concepts.

You will review essential concepts from geometry and algebra including graphing, solving systems of equations, and vectors in order to better understand the concepts you will be introduced to in your physics course. You will learn to recognize the similarities and differences in both terminology and methods for problem solving between math and physics.  You will also expand your ability to transfer mathematical knowledge and skills to physics applications.

Through this resource, you will learn and apply all of these concepts in a real world context.  You will take on a job role in which you would be expected to use the information you learn in a meaningful way.

NOTE: This is a dual-enrollment resource intended to be used in conjunction with the lecture and lab during the first two (2) weeks of your introductory physics course.  You will have one year (365) from the day you enroll to access this course.

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